The “green eyed” monster, jealousy is one of those very self destructive emotions.  It is also something that can be hard to avoid given how ubiquitous others lives are plastered all over our various social media accounts. One touch or click and we get to see someone taking an exotic vacation or wearing the latest designer goods or has the perfect family and we wish we had that too. In Islam, there is something called ghibtah, which is envy that is free from malice and then hasad, a very destructive jealousy, where we not only wish we had what the other person has but also wish they lose what they have also. As Muslims, we are commanded to want good for our brothers and sisters in Islam, not just our blood brothers. By questioning why a certain person has been blessed with certain qualities or material goods, we are also questioning the decree of Allah and this is most certainly not allowed.  Some of the ways we can fight our share of the hasad we may feel are making dua to Allah to cure our hearts and asking Allah’s help from the shaytan. We can also make specific duas for that person or even give them gifts if possible. The shaytan possessed those evil qualities of arrogance, pride and was even jealous of Adam and he has vowed to try to pass these evil qualities on to the children of Adam. There is a saying that jealousy is like you drinking a poison and hoping the other person dies. As I have grown older, one thing I have seen is that Allah may give someone everything but that may only last for a certain amount of time, be it beauty or wealth or health. Peoples’ circumstances are constantly changing, change is the only constant in life. Focus on self love and improvement and gratitude and pray that everyone is blessed with what you have. You probably have more than you think!

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