My heart is so heavy seeing the recent round of photos of innocent Palestinian children being butchered for no reason other than the face that they are of the wrong race and religion. I could not watch the videos. As a mother, I cannot imagine the anguish the parents are going through. All those months of carrying a baby and years raising that child for that child to be murdered with no remorse and no recourse. The mother that might have prayed for years for a child and finally had her prayers answered. The mother that had a colicky baby that kept her up at night. The mother who kissed her baby’s dimpled hand while rocking her baby in the middle of the night. The mother that made an extra stop to the store on her way home to buy a special treat to see her child’s face light up.  The mother who prayed all night for her teenager to stay safe. These children are all of our children, where has our humanity gone? Do we not all bleed the same color? Breathe the same air? I can only pray that no mother needs to watch a video of her baby being butchered. Being a mom means we are in this together, let us teach our children to love humanity. We can always start the movement within our own homes.

2 Comments on “Motherhood

  1. I too saw some photos this week. I wept. I wish I could forget those images, but I know I won’t. I wish there was something I could do, some way to help. I feel so helpless and insignificant.

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