We are so very lucky to have been born in this country and to live lives that are blessed with peace and prosperity.  As we can see from all the various refugee crises, not everyone can say the same thing. That’s why it is crucial that every night, we sit with our children and let them count some of their blessings. This can be done verbally or they can even start their own gratitude journals. Numerous studies have shown that people that practice mindfulness and gratitude enjoy numerous health and mental benefits. Some of these benefits include better relationships with others, improved physical health, increased happiness and reduced depression, more empathy and less aggression, better sleep, improved self esteem, and increased mental resilience (Forbes Nov 2014). With so many benefits, it is imperative that we cultivate gratitude with our children so they can reap the many benefits. By doing so, we will be raising children that are less likely to whine about what they don’t have and enjoy what they do have.

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