Can we discuss the sad state of most mom bras? Sad, misshapen and ill fitting and way past their expiration date is what most moms have in their underwear drawer. Some of us have even hung on to nursing bras well into our childrens toddler years. My tailor recently reminded me to wear a good bra fitting for a blouse fitting, “You know most women are always wearing loose, comfortable bras or no bras at all!” she said. Of course I was already on my way there wearing an old and loose sports bra.

Good fashion starts with good support. Many of us are wearing the wrong size. I know I continued wearing my pre-baby size after the kids were born. One day while visiting a good friend, she insisted that I get sized and fitted. I definitely was not the same size after nursing two babies more than a year each! Many department stores offer free bra fittings. I would recommend getting sized at each store that you shop at as different bra brands do not follow the same sizing guide. It is also important to get resized if there has been recent weight loss or gain. Getting fitted can make all the difference and not having your boobs slip out during salat or bra straps digging into your back are definite bonuses! Some of the signs of a good fit are that the bra cups are smooth with no wrinkles, the back of the bra is not hiking up and rests comfortably. There are many articles and guides on how to shop for a bra and how to wash them to extend their wear but generally a couple of years is the longest you should be hanging on to them. If you have been neglecting this aspect of your wardrobe, go and treat the girls to a good lift.

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