Marriage is an interesting choice that we humans make. Whether we commit to our spouses due to religious reasons or societal expectations or for love, the end result is that two people have decided to meld their different personalities together to fuse into one household. Throw in finances and remnants of different upbringings and families, marriage is not 100% smooth all the time. Things can change on a day to day basis depending on whether we had a bad day at the office or if we are not feeling well. Sometimes we need a little mantra or advice to help keep things running smoothly.

One of the best advice that I received in the early days of my marriage was to ask myself this question whenever I got worked up about an issue, “Will this matter to me in ten years?” If it won’t, then you can drop the issue. If it will, then it is worth explaining and negotiating your viewpoint on it.

What piece of marital advice did you receive as a newlywed that has helped you out?

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