New mommy spotlight- interview with Sincerely Maryam


New mommy spotlight- interview with Sincerely Maryam

One of the best parts of blogging has been being able to connect with and find amazing bloggers out there! One such blogger is Sincerely Maryam. She is known for being on trend and can work a skinny jean on so many levels. This year, she was blessed to become a mommy to baby Isa (don’t you love the naming pattern?). Despite her extremely hectic schedule of newborn, work, running a business,  and moving to a new house, she agreed to an interview and let us all in on how she manages to do it all!

Me: Assalamu alaikum! Thank you so much for agreeing to this interview! I am such a huge fan of yours! Congrats on the little one! You are so inspirational! How did your delivery go?

Maryam: Wa alaikum as salam. It was a bit of surprise and didn’t go as planned, I had to have an emergency C-section. So the healing process was a bit slower and felt a little tired and worn down from L&D. Alhamdulillah baby and I were ok.

Me: What has been the biggest change from pre-baby to post-baby life for you?

Maryam: Time management! Before baby, I could just do what I wanted, when I wanted. Weekends weren’t very structured, I could party until 3 AM. Now, everything revolves around the baby’s schedule. Just thinking about everything 100 percent differently now. Baby is the priority now. You know, sleep when the baby sleeps.

Me: You can party with the baby at 3 AM! How has becoming a mom changed your fashion style?

Maryam: Before baby, I never wore super clingy clothes. It was always a more modest style; looser, flowy tops pre-baby. During the pregnancy, stomach obviously got bigger but not much else, so I didn’t have to buy all new clothes. The jean size changed around my stomach/waist so I used a hair tie to expand it (laughing).

Me: Mashallah, that’s great! How has the transition been back to work?

Maryam: It’s definitely has been a transition! It’s such a momentous event to have a baby and it takes over your daily life and once you settle into a pattern, then it’s time to go back to work so it was definitely different once I went back. My work performance was being affected so they allowed me to come in a bit later. I have to make good use of my time, I have an hour commute to work and have to make sure I go to bed early. I am lucky alhamdulillah to have family help also.

Me: How have you been able to stay in such great shape?

Maryam: I was lucky in that it was more belly than overall weight gain. The body does change and skin sags. I haven’t really started any hard core workouts yet but I do eight minute YouTube workouts. I guess all the running around that I do doesn’t hurt either!

Me: Has your blog audience changed? Will you be blogging more about mommy issues?

Maryam: Of course! Being a mom has definitely affected my life and I would love to share with my readers more about my new life inshallah.

Me: What are your tips on raising a good Muslim child in the West?

Maryam: You have to raise them to be confident! Don’t be apologetic for who you are! Why are we as Muslims always saying sorry? Don’t be sorry for who you are! Knowledge will lead to confidence. Teach them about the world. Don’t hold any subject as taboo. If you shelter them too much, it’s too much of a shock once they’re out in the real world.

Thank you so much for your time and advice Maryam! I pray that you and your family are successful in this life and in the Hereafter! Lots of love ❤ Welcome to the hijabi mommy club!


Spring florals 

Down here in the South, we know it’s officially spring when our cars are covered with green pollen 😒 . Seriously though, who is not a fan of spring? The blossoms on the trees and buds springing from the ground can put anyone into a better mindset. I love all the pink, purple and white blossoms, and especially love to watch when the wind blows them delicately to the ground. It’s also fun to break out our pretty pastel clothes and florals and dress up and enjoy the warmer weather. 

Just discovered the website by Jessa Kae. Her dresses are so soft and comfortable, it’s easy to see why she’s constantly sold out! She should be restocking this dress in various colors in April, make sure you sign up so you don’t miss out! It’s so fluid and fits well. Best part is that it’s hijab friendly!

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Passage of time 

I am in awe of how quickly time is passing. Somehow it sped up even faster once I became a mom, can’t imagine how fast it will pass as a grandmother! I see my friends scrolling through or posting photos of their children’s baby pictures. Sometimes I can’t recall their kids as babies because mine were babies and I was running after them. With a child on the precipice of teenhood, I am definitely feeling the passage of time. My advice to young moms is not to get too wrapped up in yourself. Don’t worry too much about your post baby bod, those extra wrinkles and bags under your eyes are badges of working hard as a mom. Drown out the negative feelings with love for your child and gratefulness of having a healthy family. Eat healthy and try to maintain a healthy lifestyle to the best of your abilities. Try to make your child’s world a little bit brighter and happier each day. Make sure to hug and kiss them as much as you can and to take those pics and videos!  Soon that’s all you will have left of their babyhood. 

Women’s international day

I pray for all the women of the world who are struggling because:

They were born a girl and automatically was less loved 

She was not given the same education as her brothers

She was not given a voice or allowed to express her opinions

She was forced into a marriage or relationship she did not want to be in

She is abused by her inlaws

She automatically is not given the same pay for the same work as her male colleagues 

She is judged and criticized for how she was dressed or for being out alone if she’s assaulted

She is not able to spend adequate time with her newborn due to lack of maternity leave

She is harassed at work and public just for being female.

The list goes on and on. We still have much to fight for as gender equality goes but we also must look at the struggles our foremothers have gone through and gather strength and comfort that we can keep working towards an even better future for our daughters. 

Taking Advantage

To all who have been born to privilege…To all who have been born with an advantage due to their skin color…To all who have been born with the right sex organs… To all who have been born in a prosperous nation… To all who have been born addiction free… To all who have born to loving parents and family… To all who have been born to a majority religion… 

use your advantages to help those at a disadvantage. Helping others will never harm you or your status. It will only help you grow in ways you never thought possible. Even if you have all the possible advantages in life, eventually you will pass from this life and end up like everyone else. 

” I shall pass this way but once, any good, therefore, that I can do or any kindness that I can show to any human being, let me do it now. Let me not defer or neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again.” Etienne de Grellet