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Over the knee boots for petite women

I never thought that over the knee boots were for me. Hovering at around 5’1″, I always felt that the boots would overwhelm my short legs. I loved how other bloggers were wearing them and decided to try them out and I’m glad I did! They’re super warm and can elevate any outfit. Some things to look for in a boot for petites is about a 22.75 shaft height, and I recommend a simpler style. You can also try matching your pants to your boots for an elongated look or a simple pair of skinny jeans tucked in. I would also recommend a bit of a heel. Keep the rest of the outfit simple as the boots will be the first thing noticed in the outfit.

Here are some great options to try out, there are a lot of great sales going on now so it’s the perfect time to buy!


The Stuart Weitzman boots is the classic boot that flatters any woman and comes in several beautiful shades.


These boots from Gianni Bina have a great classic look to them.


Leave a comment below or tag us in your IG pic to show off your own OTK boot look. Happy shopping!


Looking within for change

Blogging has opened my eyes to a lot of the beautiful Muslimahs from all over the world that are chic and stylish in their own ways. A lot of women have achieved a certain level of fame and success that would have been impossible even just 10 years ago thanks to the quick rise of social media sites such as Instagram and YouTube. I figured by 2017, we as a Muslim community would be able to recognize that depth and diversity of Muslim talent. That’s why I was a little confused with various photos coming in from Dubai Modest Fashion Week and it seemed like the same type of tall, thin, light skinned bloggers were featured in all the photos. I figured maybe they all knew each other and were hanging out together and didn’t think much of it. It wasn’t until Manal, known as Chinutay, published her criticism of the event and being one of the few WOC invited to the event that my eyes were opened. Opened to how racism has always been a part of the Muslim community in the past and how it was still at play even in this day and age of social media. I hope her letter had an impact in opening the event coordinators’ eyes and will be more inclusive next year. Here are a few beautiful and successful WOC that you can follow.

If you don’t know Ibtihaj Muhammad and her story, you need to. She is shattering barrier after barrier in the sport and fashion worlds.

IG: ibtihajmuhammad

IG: basma_k Basma has her own line of hijabs and has a strong style game. Think lovely dresses and high end trench coats.

IG: chinutay, Love Manal’s smile and vibe!

IG: hodan.ysf, Hodan is an amazing makeup artist and can pull off pretty much any hijab color and look.

IG: _enimasay, she rocks lots of cute and sassy looks

IG: lifeofbilqis, Bilqis rocks a lot of different colored hijabs and makeup looks. She is not afraid to be bold

IG: talesandturbans, Aicha is a sweet mommy with tons of style!

I hope we can open our eyes to this problem within our own community and learn to embrace each other and unite our hearts in faith in Allah.


Travel diaries- tea gardens in Bangladesh and quick stop in Doha

We went on a very quick tour to Bangladesh to show our children where their grandparents grew up. We literally were there for five days but packed in a whole lot of stuff! My personal favorite was our stay at Dusai. It is a small resort near the famous tea gardens. I wore a kimono that was very similar to the sold out Zara one.

Here is the link:


Hijab: Voile chic

Sunglasses: ShopNora


Use code NewShades for a discount!

Bangladesh has a lot of beautiful natural sites and greenery. Everyone should try to take in the sites if possible. Here is the link for the resort. The resort had a spa, tea garden, small lake, tennis courts and much more. Food was really yummy too.


We did a very quick stop to Doha, Qatar. We stayed in the souq waqif boutique hotels. It was right in the middle of the souq. The hotel smells heavenly! I was impressed by how courteous the people were. Doha has so much to see and do. We were impressed by the lively atmosphere. It was very international with all sorts of nationalities represented. I definitely need to go back and take in more of the sights of Doha. Here is a link for the hotel.


Do you have any travel suggestions for our next adventure?


Shabby chic/ bohemian / rustic themed party ideas

Are you a true hipster at heart? Is your dream party outdoors under twinkling lights full of vintage touches? I admit, I’m a Pinterest mom when it comes to party ideas. My daughter recently turned 13 and I wanted to make it special since she doesn’t want a sweet sixteen. I absolutely love how it turned out and most importantly, she loved it too. I started the prep about two months ahead so I was able to gather the goods and make things without rushing last minute. It also gives plenty of time to look for sales and deals.

I saw a similar photo on Pinterest but it didn’t have a how to link. I had to wing it and figure it out and love how it came out. I ordered the name from Studio Noel, who was super helpful throughout the process. Here’s the link to her store.


You can customize the font, size and colors and she is very prompt. The wood board was from Home Depot and I actually used wallpaper from Target to give it the plank look.


The vines go on sale at Hobby Lobby every other week and I hot glue gunned them on.

This pic served as an inspiration for something similar I made for my daughter. It came with instructions on how to make and was pretty simple to do but time consuming.


My friend was able to make a “naked” cake to fit the theme even though she had never made one before. It came together beautifully. I bought the wood platters from Hobby Lobby. They were cheaper when you use the 40% off coupon than at TJ Maxx. They also had the small wooden holders that I placed tealights on. TJ Maxx did have the cutest candle holders in stock now. We had mini succulents as the party favor. The link is here


I also did a DIY string lights for the floor set up. Unfortunately, I don’t have any photos of it that I can post but I will post the link I used for the instructions. The cement is heavy so this is a two person project. I also added some vines from Hobby Lobby ( look for that 50% off sale!) to decorate the poles.


Everything turned out as beautifully as I had imagined it. A big thank you to all of our amazing friends that helped make it happen!


Fall 2017-Red is the color of the season

The color red has officially taken over all the stores as THE color of fall this year. It’s a great complement to the seasonal colors and can be a little surprise to any outfit. This is a color that flatters all skin tones. You can incorporate as a top or bottom or both or just add a red accent through your accessories.

I recently tried these flared pants and they were perfect for a hijabi. It was modest and on trend. I liked that it flowed like a skirt but I was still able to move freely and sit any which way as they are pants.

Here is the link:

Love how Melanie from Haute Hijab has tried it as a head to toe look and also as a single statement piece.

Here are some looks from Zara

Don’t be afraid to try this bold color this fall! Send your photos or hashtag me on IG to show off your looks!

Raising little men

Recently I watched a movie with my son that featured a family where the dad was perpetrating domestic violence. I think my ten year old was shocked, it was something he had never seen or dealt with before. He had no clue someone could do something like that. Alhamdulillah, we are lucky, his father embodies  what a good man should look like. Children definitely learn as we do. However, I still made a point to speak to him about the movie and the family. I made sure he understood that it is never ok to physically abuse a woman. I know we are raising him in a warm, safe environment but I just wanted to really drive home a point. I also pointed out, a lot of kids do grow up in a home affected with violence and they may take that aggression out at school. I think it is important to actually take the time and speak with our kids about values that are important to us. We should not assume that they will just automatically pick things up. It is important to verbalize it to really drive home a point. If we start early, hopefully we will be raising the right type of men that we need in the world.